Month: May 2013

xkcd: Cells

xkcd makes a good point:

Have you been sucked in by the Alternatives to Medicine hype?

(pic from the Age) Quote Alternative medicine has grown into a $2 billion industry under a regime of light regulation and increasing social acceptance. But with few products tried and tested, should we believe the hype? Read more in the

Antioxidants, Omega-3 Fail to Halt Macular Degeneration

Sometimes what seems promising at first may not be true when studied further. AREDS2 unfortunately did not live up to the early promise of the initial AREDS trial to study if taking antioxidants would halt macular degeneration, an important cause

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When alternative cancer therapy harms patients

Shocking that in this day an age, patients with a highly curable cancer like stage II Hodgkin’s disease can opt for “Alternatives to medicine” rather than conventional treatment which offers 80-90% probability of cure. From KevinMD After a terribly painful

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A question about bovine colostrum

Eliz D’ Heart asked us in Facebook Hi doc, can somebody explain or give any opinion about Transfer Factor? this is MLM product , and i need to know from medical person is it true the cow’s colustrum can boost

More caution before you consume Ginkgo Biloba

We know of folks who take Gingko in hopes of “boosting their memory” or even preventing Alzheimer’s (and the latter is not true as studies show Gingko does not prevent Alzheimer’s disease) . Now there is more data to suggest

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