Month: December 2013

Homeopathy: another elaborate placebo

This is an interesting BBC Horizon Documentary which examines whether water in Homeopathic “medicine” really has a “memory effect” even if scientifically it would be highly unlikely to contain any molecules of the original substance left behind at extreme dilutions.

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Porcupine “dates” or bezoars

I have to say how amazing that in this day and age people still cling on to the notion that some things can have magical healing properties. It is most unfortunate of these things come from nature and results in

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Be wary of “stem cell” scams

It is currently a fad in Malaysia to consume “oral stem cell enhancers” or substances which claim to “boost” your stem cells. Be wary as these are yet another means to make the unsuspecting part with their money for useless

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Crab soup for dengue

I mention this as it was brought up in the Dobbs doctors forum and it’s yet another folklore “remedy” for dengue. Unfortunately there is no evidence that crab soup is any better than any other soup for dengue fever –

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