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Rodent tuber

G writes in: Hi Any idea that rodent tuba can cure cancer? Thanks Thanks for asking, G If you Google around you will find Rodent tuber claimed as a “natural cancer treatment” in alternatives to medicine websites. Here are some

Feedback: Query about Sabah Snake Grass

Irene writes: I read the info about the warning of ingesting sabah snake grass in your website. Currently Im taking ssg tea daily, a sachet a day. This tea is a mixture of sabah snake grass, misai kucing & frog

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Feng Shui

I am somewhat amused that many still believe fervently in this ancient Chinese philosophy “harmonizing the human existence with the surrounding environment”. While it is harmless if one is concerned with aethetics, it may not be so if it involves

Taking Ginkgo biloba to “boost your memory”? Sorry, it doesn’t work

I notice quite a number of folks are still taking Ginkgo supplements in the hope of “boosting their memory” or perhaps to stave off dementia. Sorry to disappoint you but the evidence is out and it is not good news

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Homeopathy: another elaborate placebo

This is an interesting BBC Horizon Documentary which examines whether water in Homeopathic “medicine” really has a “memory effect” even if scientifically it would be highly unlikely to contain any molecules of the original substance left behind at extreme dilutions.

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Porcupine “dates” or bezoars

I have to say how amazing that in this day and age people still cling on to the notion that some things can have magical healing properties. It is most unfortunate of these things come from nature and results in

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Be wary of “stem cell” scams

It is currently a fad in Malaysia to consume “oral stem cell enhancers” or substances which claim to “boost” your stem cells. Be wary as these are yet another means to make the unsuspecting part with their money for useless

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Crab soup for dengue

I mention this as it was brought up in the Dobbs doctors forum and it’s yet another folklore “remedy” for dengue. Unfortunately there is no evidence that crab soup is any better than any other soup for dengue fever –

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Snake oil on tap – the alkaline or ionised water scam

People are selling it and making money off people drinking it. The belief that drinking “alkaline water” will increase the pH (and hence reduce the “acidity”) of one’s bodily fluids is ludicrous and not physiological. Your body’s pH is a

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Do you believe in magic?

Indeed that’s what believers in Alternatives to Medicine are doing. My recommended reading for the week is a book by the co-inventor of the Rota virus vaccine, Dr. Paul Offit: Do You Believe in Magic?: The Sense and Nonsense of

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