Month: September 2013

Copper bracelets and magnetic straps fail the test

Are you a believer in those copper bracelets or magnetic straps which claim to help arthritis? The truth is they don’t help at all according to scientific research. From Sciencenewsline Copper bracelets and magnet wrist straps have no real effect

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Liver damage from herbal weight loss supplements

We’d like to issue another stark reminder – herbal diet and weight loss supplements have been reported over and over again to have caused liver damage. These products are being marketed as food supplements and there is no regulatory control

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Bioresonance therapy comes to town

The Malay Mail did some investigating and found Something fishy going on at ‘healing centre’ The scent of suspicious activities reeked as we entered Bioresonance Health Solutions Center, operating in a three-storey building in Pekeliling Business Centre. The signage was

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“Miracle” surgery removing kidney stones

Spotted in Facebook: This is obviously “sleight of hand” trickery but yet we have gullible people falling for this. It’s not new though and we’ve blogged about similar “miracle” surgery previously in the old MMR: Miracle bloodless, sutureless neurosurgery Another

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Unconvinced by medical evidence

There’s a good article over in the Star: Unconvinced by medical evidence which highlights the problem of despite there being sound medical evidence, there are people out there who to the contrary believe otherwise and either use “Alternatives to medicine”

Feedback : Translation request

Cindy writes in: I’m writing to you from Canada. My mother has been taking the Sabah Snake Grass as adjuvant treatment after her surgery that removed a recurrent uterine cancer. My FIL sent me the article about the warning you