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Rodent tuber

G writes in: Hi Any idea that rodent tuba can cure cancer? Thanks Thanks for asking, G If you Google around you will find Rodent tuber claimed as a “natural cancer treatment” in alternatives to medicine websites. Here are some

Feedback: Query about Sabah Snake Grass

Irene writes: I read the info about the warning of ingesting sabah snake grass in your website. Currently Im taking ssg tea daily, a sachet a day. This tea is a mixture of sabah snake grass, misai kucing & frog

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Sabah Snake Grass Warning II – Mind your kidneys

Like many alternatives to medicine, there is a paucity of safety and efficacy data on Sabah Snake Grass. Anecdotal reports of it supposedly working can be misleading since any supposedly beneficial effect may be misinterpreted due to confounding factors (e.g.

A question about bovine colostrum

Eliz D’ Heart asked us in Facebook Hi doc, can somebody explain or give any opinion about Transfer Factor? this is MLM product , and i need to know from medical person is it true the cow’s colustrum can boost