Month: July 2013

That Live Blood Cell Analysis scam is still Alive

Had a call from a colleague today about a patient who was frantic after being told his blood was “infected”. This was from a drop of blood analysed by some “medical equipment” and there were indications of “bacteria” present in

Alternative cancer “treatments” disproven

A dire warning for cancer patients who choose to discard evidence based treatment for Alternatives to Medicine. These alternatives such as Laetrile (B17), Gerson therapy, Chaparral and Shark cartilage are not only “unproven” but in fact when proper studies have

Sabah Snake Grass Warning II – Mind your kidneys

Like many alternatives to medicine, there is a paucity of safety and efficacy data on Sabah Snake Grass. Anecdotal reports of it supposedly working can be misleading since any supposedly beneficial effect may be misinterpreted due to confounding factors (e.g.

Sabah Snake Grass Warning

News and information about Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus nutans, 优顿草) is spreading in the Internet and claims that it can “cure cancer” abound. There are even normal healthy people ingesting this plant in the belief that it can “prevent cancer”

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Omega 3 fish oils increases risk of prostate cancer

If you are male and consume Omega 3 Fish Oils, beware: Omega 3 Fish Oils Linked To Increased Prostate Cancer Risk Eating a lot of oily fish or consuming omega supplements may not be good for a man’s health. New

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Soy Fails to Stop Prostate Cancer Recurrence

Medscape reports Taking daily soy protein supplements does not prevent prostate cancer from recurring after radical prostatectomy, according to a study published in the July 10 issue of JAMA. This finding comes from an interim analysis that prompted an early

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Stroke – no significant effect

A Chinese herbal combination, NeuroAid, was studied in a multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial involving 1100 patients. There was no statistical difference in the outcomes between the treatment arm and the placebo arm. Ref: Chinese Medicine Neuroaid Efficacy on Stroke Recovery

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Does taking papaya leaves “cure” dengue?

Helen Wong asked this question in Facebook Hi, does this mean papaya leaves juice may be an alternative cure for dengue fever ? My doctor insisted it’s rubbish but I recovered slowly after 2x ‘force it down my throat due

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