When alternative cancer therapy harms patients

Shocking that in this day an age, patients with a highly curable cancer like stage II Hodgkin’s disease can opt for “Alternatives to medicine” rather than conventional treatment which offers 80-90% probability of cure. From KevinMD

After a terribly painful and debilitating illness, Steve died. He had been treated for Stage 2 Hodgkin’s Disease with a series of intense therapies including German enzymes, American antineoplastins, Mexican naturopathy and Chinese herbs, complemented by focused meditation, innumerable vitamins, extreme diet modification and acupuncture for severe pain. He fought the cancer with every ounce of his being, doing everything to survive, except the one thing that had an 85% chance of cure: chemotherapy.

We still see this in Malaysia, where patients have been frightened off conventional treatment by their friends and relatives, make their rounds of Sinsehs, Ayurvedics, Naturopaths, Ozone therapists and what-not, finally only to present to hospital in an advanced incurable stage of cancer. This is the real tragedy of Alternatives to Medicine.

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