Year: 2013

Unconvinced by medical evidence

There’s a good article over in the Star: Unconvinced by medical evidence which highlights the problem of despite there being sound medical evidence, there are people out there who to the contrary believe otherwise and either use “Alternatives to medicine”

Feedback : Translation request

Cindy writes in: I’m writing to you from Canada. My mother has been taking the Sabah Snake Grass as adjuvant treatment after her surgery that removed a recurrent uterine cancer. My FIL sent me the article about the warning you

Schools pushing ‘magic pills’

The Star reports Schools in several states have been “pushing” pills that supposedly make pupils cleverer. The promoters also claim that the “get smart” pills, named Dimensi 108, which are marketed as food supplements, can alter children’s behaviour to make

FDA says: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Not a Cure-All

Consumer update from the FDA No, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has not been clinically proven to cure or be effective in the treatment of cancer, autism, or diabetes. But do a quick search on the Internet, and you’ll see all

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The Detox Myth

Ben Goldacre tells you about the Detox Myth – it’s all a marketing hoax

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The Foot Detox Scam revisited

A patient of mine recently brought a leaflet advertising “foot detoxifcation” asking me if it will help her illness. The brochure claims the device will “detoxify” your body by immersing your feet in it. The brochure is even so bold

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The liver flush revisited

Pic shows “stones” produced by a “liver flush” We posted something about the “liver flush” about three years back, but a recent thread in a local community forum where someone got so excited he posts “I removed my own gallstones!”

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That Live Blood Cell Analysis scam is still Alive

Had a call from a colleague today about a patient who was frantic after being told his blood was “infected”. This was from a drop of blood analysed by some “medical equipment” and there were indications of “bacteria” present in

Alternative cancer “treatments” disproven

A dire warning for cancer patients who choose to discard evidence based treatment for Alternatives to Medicine. These alternatives such as Laetrile (B17), Gerson therapy, Chaparral and Shark cartilage are not only “unproven” but in fact when proper studies have

Sabah Snake Grass Warning II – Mind your kidneys

Like many alternatives to medicine, there is a paucity of safety and efficacy data on Sabah Snake Grass. Anecdotal reports of it supposedly working can be misleading since any supposedly beneficial effect may be misinterpreted due to confounding factors (e.g.