Year: 2013

Antioxidants, Omega-3 Fail to Halt Macular Degeneration

Sometimes what seems promising at first may not be true when studied further. AREDS2 unfortunately did not live up to the early promise of the initial AREDS trial to study if taking antioxidants would halt macular degeneration, an important cause

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When alternative cancer therapy harms patients

Shocking that in this day an age, patients with a highly curable cancer like stage II Hodgkin’s disease can opt for “Alternatives to medicine” rather than conventional treatment which offers 80-90% probability of cure. From KevinMD After a terribly painful

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A question about bovine colostrum

Eliz D’ Heart asked us in Facebook Hi doc, can somebody explain or give any opinion about Transfer Factor? this is MLM product , and i need to know from medical person is it true the cow’s colustrum can boost

More caution before you consume Ginkgo Biloba

We know of folks who take Gingko in hopes of “boosting their memory” or even preventing Alzheimer’s (and the latter is not true as studies show Gingko does not prevent Alzheimer’s disease) . Now there is more data to suggest

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Do detox diets actually cleanse your body of toxins?

They’re one of the Red Flags of Quackery.  From Daily Life The idea that the body is filled with pollutants that can be expelled by a severely restricted diet and detox supplements is not supported by science. The above phrases

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Eczema: Evening Primrose Oil, Borage Oil Not Helpful

EPO is not useful for eczema, according to a Cochrane analysis. Medscape reports Evening primrose oil (EPO) and borage oil (BO) provide little benefit for the relief of atopic eczema compared with placebo, according to a new review published in

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The red flags of Quackery


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It’s time to put the vaccine-autism link behind us

There’s been considerable confusion about a possible vaccine-autism link but the evidence is now overwhelmingly against vaccines as the cause of autism. This article from Kevin.MD is a good read. Quote Published in The Journal of Pediatrics this month, this study compared children with

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Effect of complementary and alternative medicine on the survival and health-related quality of life among terminally ill cancer patients

Terminally ill patients with cancer may want to grasp at straws and succumb to dubious promises of cure rather than receive palliative care in order to maintain their quality of life. A recent Korean study suggests that CAM not only

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The baloney detection kit

Apologies for the re-posts but we’ll be adding things previously posted in our Facebook Page to this website, and they’ll re-appear in our Facebook page as posts are automatically re-published on Facebook. This is a great Richard Dawkins foundation Video