Crab soup for dengue

crab meat
I mention this as it was brought up in the Dobbs doctors forum and it’s yet another folklore “remedy” for dengue.

Unfortunately there is no evidence that crab soup is any better than any other soup for dengue fever – be it chicken soup, mushroom soup or vegetable soup. So you can spare the crabs and not worsen your cholesterol count along the way. Generally though this one is harmless and not as bitter tasting like Papaya leaves.
A typical blog post by a dengue patient/relative shows how folklore plays in our culture.
Whatever you do, dengue will have to run it’s natural course, and usually the fever settles by the 5th day or so with recovery of counts starting around day 7 as documented in the blog post. Whatever you consume in the tail end of any illness will appear to be a “miracle cure” so don’t jump to the wrong conclusion.

Fluids and adequate hydration are the mainstay of dengue fever. Don’t get too obsessed with the platelet count as we said, current dengue guidelines do not advocate preventive transfusions of platelets.

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