Feng Shui


I am somewhat amused that many still believe fervently in this ancient Chinese philosophy “harmonizing the human existence with the surrounding environment”. While it is harmless if one is concerned with aethetics, it may not be so if it involves health matters and issues of life and death.
I recall one incident related to me by a senior colleague. There was a wealthy patient who was advised to undergo a certain treatment but the family insisted on flying in a famous Feng Shui master from Hong Kong just to make sure “everything was alright” before proceeding. It turns out the Feng Shui master’s fee was many times higher than all the doctors fees combined!

Is Feng Shui real or does it belong to Tooth Fairy science bullshit? Let Penn and Teller demonstrate



This tragic story is also quite a bit of irony for Feng Shui: Feng shui master buried alive in landslide at Chinese cemetery seconds after showing a family the ‘perfect burial plot’ for their relative’s grave

A feng shui master was buried alive in a landslide at a Chinese cemetery seconds after showing a family a ‘perfect burial plot’ for their relative’s grave.
The family of recently deceased De Meng, 75, had invited the feng shui master Zheng Guoqiang, 55, to visit the cemetery in Zhaoqing, Guangdong to see which plot of land could be regarded as ‘good land’ for a family grave where De Meng could be buried.
After surveying the site he took the six members of the man’s family to a place where he announced the vibrations and location was perfect for the grave.
According to the one person who survived, seconds later there was a landslide which buried all seven people, leaving six of them dead.

Still believe in Feng Shui?